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Apple Pay

Learn how to accept Apple Pay payments.

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Apple Pay provides a secure and seamless payment method that you can offer in-app, in store, and on the web. Apple Pay uses network tokenization, stores payment information securely in the shopper's Apple Pay eligible device, and confirms the payment through Touch ID or Face ID authentication. If you are implementing in Europe, Apple Pay is PSD2 SCA-compliant.

When the shopper selects Apple Pay, they are presented with a payment sheet where they choose a card and provide contact details and shipping address. Then they are prompted to authenticate the payment through Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple Pay supports liability shift for American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa cards. For Visa, liability shift occurs for transactions with cards issued in the Europe region.

Adyen does not currently support UnionPay cards through Apple Pay.

Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Separate captures Partial captures Chargebacks
Wallet Direct International Multiple -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-  


Apple Pay is available with specific issuers, on specific devices and browsers, and in specific countries. Refer to:

Supported networks

Our integration supports the following card networks:

  • American Express: Supported globally.
  • Cartes Bancaires: Supported in France.
  • Discover: Supported in the US.
  • Electron: Supported globally.
  • Elo: Supported in Brazil; you must have a local business entity in Brazil to offer this to shoppers.
  • Girocard: Supported in Germany.
  • Interac*: Supported in Canada; you must have a local business entity in Canada to offer this to shoppers.
  • JCB: Supported in Japan.
  • Maestro: Supported in the EU and Brazil.
  • Mastercard: Supported globally.
  • Visa: Supported globally.

*Payment is automatically captured at the moment of authorisation.

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