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Account statements for business accounts and Issuing

Learn about the requirements for account statements that you present to your users for business accounts and issued cards.

The information in this page does not constitute legal advice. It only provides an overview of Adyen's compliance guidelines for financial products. For additional, non-legal clarifications about this content, reach out to your Adyen contact.

When offering business accounts or issued cards to your users, you need to provide them with account statements. In these account statements, you must include the data that Adyen provides you. This data must be unchanged, and your account statement template must be approved by Adyen.

Not for Capital
The information in this page only applies to business accounts and Issuing.

Required data

The account statements for your users must include the data that Adyen provides you through Adyen's APIs, such as the users' account balance and transfer history.

In addition to the data provided by Adyen, your account statements must include:

  • The contact information of your business, including contact information for your customer support.
  • For EU users: the location of the Depositor Information Sheet. You can, for example, provide a link to the sheet.
  • The following bank disclosures:

    • For the EU: Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

    • For the United States: FDIC insurance

Review by Adyen

After you have created a template for your account statements, you must submit it to Adyen for review and approval.

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