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User application and interface

Learn about the compliance requirements for your user interface and application.

The information in this page does not constitute legal advice. It only provides an overview of Adyen's compliance guidelines for financial products. For additional, non-legal clarifications about this content, reach out to your Adyen contact.

To offer financial products to your users, Adyen requires that your user interface and application always provide information that is complete, true, and accurate. To ensure this, your user interfaces and apps must:

Do not present your marketplace as a bank

Adyen's financial products are only for business purposes and only available to users onboarded on your marketplace. For this reason:

  • Do not present your marketplace as a bank.
  • Do not imply in any way that you offer traditional banking products for consumers.

Enable your users to request financial products

Your user interface must enable your users to submit a request for any of the financial products that your marketplace and Adyen have agreed to provide.

Collect KYC information and send it to Adyen

When your users request Adyen's financial products, Adyen verifies that they comply with the requirements for using the requested products. This verification process is known as Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Your users must provide accurate information about their businesses. Based on the results of the KYC verifications of the provided information, Adyen decides if a user can get access to financial products.

Hosted onboarding or own onboarding user interface

If your marketplace uses Adyen's hosted onboarding, the KYC fields for submitting information, and the Agreements/User Terms are hosted by Adyen. Also, the information is automatically sent to Adyen.

If you build your own interface to onboard your users:

  • Determine the verification requirements.
  • Enable users to submit the required KYC information in your interface.
  • Save the submitted information and send it to Adyen.
  • Route users to your User Terms acceptance page before enabling them to submit their request for financial products.

Users in the United States

For users in the United States, you must include a disclosure for Customer Identification Procedures (CIP). Your interface must show the CIP disclosure before prompting a user to provide personal information. For example, if your interface shows the CIP disclosure on the same page as the fields for personal information, show the CIP disclosure first.

Use the following CIP disclosure text without any changes:

Manage required agreements and user terms

Your users must accept Adyen's Terms of Service before they can use financial products. If you build your own interface to onboard your users, your application must generate a Terms of Service document, and in your user interface:

  • Present the Terms of Service document to your users.
  • Prompt your users to accept the Terms of Service.
  • Register the users' acceptance and send it to Adyen.
  • Show and provide access to the accepted terms upon user request.

Enable your users to access financial product information

Your user interface must enable your users, free of charge, to access information regarding their financial products. This information includes transactions, fees, and other account information provided by Adyen to your marketplace through Adyen's APIs.

The following table shows the information requirements for each financial product:

Financial product Product information your interface must provide

Business accounts


  • Balance information of issued cards or e-money accounts

  • Transaction history of issued cards or e-money accounts


See the additional requirements for Capital user interfaces.

(Only for EU) Provide a Depositor Information Sheet for business accounts

Funds in EU accounts are protected by the Depositor Guarantee Schemes (DGS). If you offer business accounts in the EU, you must provide your EU users with all the relevant information about the DGS coverage. To do this, include a Depositor Information Sheet in your interface.

You must provide your users with a Depositor Information Sheet:

  • Before offering them business accounts.
  • Anually, after they have opened a business account.

Show the Depositor Information Sheet exactly as Adyen provides it to you. Also, ensure that your users read and acknowledge the sheet. You can do this by letting them sign the document electronically.

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