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Additional user interface requirements for Capital

Learn about the additional compliance requirements for your user interface related to offering Capital.

The information in this page does not constitute legal advice. It only provides an overview of Adyen's compliance guidelines for financial products. For additional, non-legal clarifications about this content, reach out to your Adyen contact.

To offer Capital as a financial product, you must comply with the general user interface requirements. In addition, you must comply with user interface requirements specific for Capital, as described in this page:

Presenting Capital offerings

When presenting a Capital offering to your users, include the following information:

  • Capital type: clearly show the type of Capital offering, such as business loan or cash advance, to eligible users.
  • Capital proposal: clearly show the Capital proposal, including all the fields that Adyen provides to you through our GET /grantOffers endpoint.
  • Repayment period: specify that:
    • For a business loan, the repayment period has a maximum term. This means that the repayment period is fixed and the business loan must be completely repaid before the period ends.
    • For a cash advance, the repayment period has an expected term. This means that the repayment period for a cash advance is flexible.
  • How to request a Capital offering: enable users to request Capital on your interface. Clearly show that they must request the product before receiving any Capital proposal.

The following image shows an example of how to present your Capital offers to your users.

In this example, the interface:

  • Explicitly shows whether the user is viewing offerings for a loan or cash advance.
  • Shows all the Capital offerings available to your user.
  • Uses a Request button to indicate the user how to request a Capital offering.
  • Specifies the validity period of the offerings.

Presenting KYC interface and Terms of Service

To comply with KYC requirements and user agreements, include the following information in your interface:

  • KYC collection fields: enable your users to submit KYC information for review by Adyen.
  • Relevant terms: when showing your user the details of their Capital offering proposal, you must include all the terms that are relevant for this proposal. For example, you should include:
    • The amount of the Capital funds
    • The total repayment amount
    • The repayment percentage
  • Capital user terms: ensure that the user terms for Capital are available for and accepted by your users. Users must only accept the terms one time. In case of updates to the user terms, your marketplace must communicate these updates to your users.
  • Acceptance of Terms of Service: enable your users to view and accept the Terms of Service and conditions related to the Capital product. Your application must also collect any acceptance information.

The following image shows an example of how to present terms and conditions to your users.

In this example, the interface:

  • Shows a Summary section that includes relevant terms, such as:
    • The amount of the financing
    • The fees
    • The terms of the repayment period
    • The type of financing
  • Shows the Terms and conditions for using the Capital product.
  • Enables the user to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Specifies that accepting the terms and conditions in your interface is equivalent to signing a contract.

Presenting insights into Capital funds

Your interface must provide access to the following information:

  • Capital disbursement: inform your users in real time about the Capital funds that have been paid out to them, and about repayments of the Capital funds.
  • User insights: enable your users to view, track, and monitor their Capital funds. This includes:
    • Capital balance
    • Repayment requirements
    • Repaid funds
    • Capital term

The following image shows an example of how to present Capital insights to your users.

The example shows a page that enables users to monitor their Capital funds and repayments. You can get your user's Capital funds information from Adyen's API by:

Protecting your Capital information

Your Capital user interface must be protected against unauthorized access and security breaches. You must implement reasonable security measures according to industry practices. For example, your application must:

  • Use unique and personal security credentials for login.
  • Safely transmit personal security credentials.
  • Validate the users' credentials when they request access.

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