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Legal entity management

Understand legal entities, their importance in the verification process and place in your account structure.

As required by payment industry regulations, Adyen must verify the users of your marketplace before you can process payments, pay out their funds, and offer financial products to them.

To verify your users, you must create legal entities and associated resources. When you create these resources, you provide Adyen with the information we require to verify your users.


You must create the following resources for your users:

  • Legal entity: contains information about your user, for example, the legal name, address, and tax information of the organization. Adyen uses this information to perform verification checks as required by payment industry regulations.
  • Transfer instrument: your user's verified bank account where they can receive payouts.
  • Supporting document: a document that allows us to verify the information provided about your user's legal entity or transfer instrument.

You can use the Legal Entity Management API to manage these resources. The following diagram shows how the resources are connected.