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Create and manage rules

Use transaction rules to automatically approve or decline an outgoing transfer from business accounts.

Before you begin

Before you create a transaction rule, make sure you're familiar with how transaction rules work when working with outgoing transfers from a business account.

Create a transaction rule

When you have defined your business logic and requirements, turn your requirements into a transaction rule.

Make a POST /transactionRules request, specifying the following parameters:

Parameter Required Description
description -white_check_mark- Your description for the rule. Maximum length: 300 characters. This description is shown in the Balance Platform Customer Area.
entityKey -white_check_mark- Contains the ID and type of resource to which the rule is applied.
interval -white_check_mark- The time period or duration when the rule applies.
reference -white_check_mark- Your reference for the rule. Maximum length: 150 characters.
type -white_check_mark- Set to blockList or velocity.
ruleRestrictions -white_check_mark- Object that contains key-value objects with the key as the condition and the value containing values and operations.
startDate Specify a date and time in the future when the rule must be evaluated. For example, 2022-02-25T07:00:00+01:00. When you specify a start date, the rule is created with a status set to active.
endDate Specify a date and time in the future when the rule evaluation must stop. For example, 2022-12-18T10:15:30+01:00. If not provided, the rule is evaluated until the status is set to inactive.
status Set to active if you want to start evaluating the rule. When you set the status to active, we automatically set the startDate to the current time.

Let's take the following requirement for example:

  • Set a hard-block limit for a daily maximum transfer amount of EUR 500K.

Here is an example of how to create a transaction rule for the requirement above.

The response contains the new transactionRule resource, identified by its unique id. If any of your users try to transfer funds greater than EUR 500K over a day, those transfers will be blocked.

View transaction rules

To view the transaction rules for transfers you have created, make the following API request.

Update a transaction rule

You can update transaction rules by making a PATCH /transactionRules/{id} request, specifying the id in the path.

Following the previous example, let's update the transaction rule to limit the daily transfer of more EUR 800K. The following sample request shows how to do this:

The response returns the updated transaction rule.

Deactivate or activate a transaction rule

You can deactivate or activate transaction rules for transfers by making API requests.

To deactivate a transaction rule

Make a PATCH /transactionRules/{id} request and set the status to inactive.

The status of the rule changes to inactive and the rule is no longer applied.

To activate an inactive transaction rule

Make a PATCH /transactionRules/{id} request and set the status to active.

The status of the rule changes to active and the rule is applied.