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Keeping records

Learn about the guidelines for keeping records regarding financial products.

The information in this page does not constitute legal advice. It only provides an overview of Adyen's compliance guidelines for financial products. For additional, non-legal clarifications about this content, reach out to your Adyen contact.

While you offer Adyen's financial products to your users, your marketplace must keep detailed records regarding your service. Your marketplace must keep these service records for at least five years after the termination of the financial product offering.

Types of records

The following table shows the types of records that you must keep.

Record type Examples

User experience

Any documentation regarding the user experience of the financial product within your application. For example, screenshots of:
  • Deployed versions of your application

  • Application flow

  • User dashboard

  • Support pages

Account statements

A history of all account statements generated and made available to your users.


All versions of your collateral materials.

User communications and complaints

  • Interactions through email or website messaging, such as a chat or customer support.

  • All documentation related to complaints

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