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Notification and reporting to Adyen

Learn what situations to notify Adyen of and what reports to submit periodically.

The information in this page does not constitute legal advice. It only provides an overview of Adyen's compliance guidelines for financial products. For additional, non-legal clarifications about this content, reach out to your Adyen contact.

If your marketplace offers Adyen's financial products, there are specific situations that you must notify Adyen of when they occur. There are also certain reports that you must submit to Adyen.

Notify immediately

Your marketplace must notify Adyen immediately, within one to two days, in the following situations:

  • Your marketplace receives a security, regulatory, or legal complaint.
  • Customer support circumstances:
    • If your marketplace, acting reasonably, cannot resolve a user's request for support.
    • Any unauthorized use, loss, or theft of personal security credentials and/or (potential) fraud or illegal or suspicious activity, either reported by the user to your marketplace or by your marketplace's own software, system(s) or otherwise.
    • Any (dispute raised by the user about) unauthorized payment or an error on an account statement.
    • Any indication a Capital user will not be able to meet the repayment obligations.
    • If a Capital user terminates their relationship with your marketplace while having an active Capital agreement.
    • A material incident, potential security breach, or personal data breach.
    • Any material non-compliance by a user to any applicable law or scheme rules that your marketplace has become aware of or should have been reasonably aware of.

For requests that can be made by API, such as a request to block an account or terminate an account, no notification or reporting is required.

Submit reports

Your marketplace must submit the following reports to Adyen:

Financial product and report type Description of report Target timeline

Card status report

A report of any blocked, stolen, lost, or damaged cards. The following information needs to be included:
  • Payment instrument ID

  • Scheme status code (in accordance with Adyen's manuals as provided)

  • Action taken by you

24 hours

Issuing and business accounts:
Fraud report

A report containing:
  • Number of fraud related incidents or disputes, including:

    • Incidents related to cards

    • Payment transactions charged back due to fraud-related reasons

    • Payment transactions for which fraud losses were recovered by means other than chargebacks

  • Subsequent reason codes or descriptions in accordance with Adyen's manuals

24 hours

All financial products:
Support report

A report containing at least the following information:
  • Support availability

  • Average handling time

  • Call abandonment rate


All financial products:
Complaint report

A report of the user complaints that you received, including:
  • Date of receipt of the complaint

  • User name

  • User legal entity reference

  • Date when the complaint was acknowledged by you as received

  • Brief description of the user's complaint

  • The date a resolution is communicated to the customer and executed

  • Description of the resolution steps undertaken to close the complaint, including whether any rectifying action (for example, reimbursement) was necessary to resolve the complaint.


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