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Configure webhooks for risk signals

Learn how to set up and test webhooks for risk signals in your platform.

When a new risk signal triggers for an account holder, Adyen can send webhooks to your server. If you want to get notified of these events, you can subscribe to the webhook.

To keep track of risk signal-related events in your marketplace, make sure that:

After you have completed your setup, reach out to your Adyen contact, so we can enable sending the webhook type balancePlatform.score.triggered.

Example webhook

The following is an example request body for a configuration webhook of the type balancePlatform.score.triggered.

In the example, the risk signals listed in the scoreSignalsTriggered array triggered the webhook to be sent.
The value of the field represents an ID that is connected to this specific score calculation. This ID changes for every score calculation and recalculation, and does not appear in your Balance Platform Customer Area.

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