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Learn how you get the money from the payments processed with Adyen.

After processing transactions for your users, Adyen sends the payment funds to one of your merchant accounts. These funds are split among your users and your marketplace, and then settled in the corresponding balance accounts.

On each balance account, you can configure settlement models that define how the sales funds are settled.

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How fund settlement works

The funds that Adyen captures for your users are eventually settled in your user's balance accounts. To settle the funds, Adyen assigns them to settlement batches. Each balance account has independent settlement batches, and each batch is related to a specific sales day.

On the balance accounts, you can configure a settlement model, which defines what funds get assigned to a specific batch. You can also configure a settlement frequency, which determines when and how often the funds in the batches are made available.

The funds settled in a batch are calculated on a net basis. This means that your users get the funds for their sales minus any costs that occurred during the sales day, for example: refunds, chargebacks, or transaction costs.

For more information about how funds flow, see the marketplace structure.

Settlement calculation

Before settlement, Adyen calculates your net settlement funds. These are your user's sales figures after deducting:

After calculating the net funds, these are assigned to settlement batches according to your settlement model.

Settlement models

You can define which funds are assigned to a batch by selecting a settlement model:

  • Sales day settlement: The funds of a sales day are settled in batches related to that sales day. The funds are made available regardless of whether the card scheme or payment method transferred the funds to Adyen.

  • Pass-through settlement: The funds of a sales day are settled when the card scheme or payment method transfers the funds to Adyen.

Settlement frequency

Adyen settles any available funds daily on working days (Monday to Friday), excluding bank holidays.

Bank holidays

Adyen cannot receive funds on bank holidays. This impacts when your funds are settled. The exact impact depends on your settlement model:

  • For Sales day settlement, the time to settlement increases when the sales day falls on a bank holiday.
  • For Pass-through settlement, the time to settlement increases when there is a bank holiday between the sales day and the day Adyen receives the funds.

For a list of bank holidays, download the Adyen Observed Bank Holidays spreadsheet.

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