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Checkout components

Use Adyen's prebuilt components to show a checkout page with various payment methods to your users.

Adyen offers several options for integrating online payments in your platform's user interface (UI). These options include:

  • Web API only: this integration requires you to implement multiple API calls and to build the checkout UI yourself.
  • Web Hosted Checkout: with this integration, the shopper is redirected to an Adyen-hosted page to make a payment.
  • Web Drop-in: this integration offers a prebuilt checkout UI, where you can customize the styling of the list of payment methods.
  • Web Component: this integration provides prebuilt components that enable you to create your checkout UI. You can add a component for each payment method you want to offer and customize how it appears in your UI.

We recommend using the Web Component integration as it provides the convenience of prebuilt UI and the flexibility of customizing each payment method.

This page explains how to create a checkout page in your platform's UI by using the Checkout components. Select a version of the Web Component integration and follow the integration steps.

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