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Multifactor authentication

Learn how to keep your account safe by setting up multifactor authentication.

All users with an Adyen account must set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA) in the Balance Platform Customer Area.

MFA keeps your account secure by requiring an additional form of verification in order to log in. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account, even if they have obtained your username and password.

Each user can set up and register one device through MFA.

If you have the Merchant admin role, you can see user details and manage user access by removing devices registered to users in your organization.

To manage your users' devices, you need the user role:

  • Merchant admin

Set up MFA with an authenticator app

You must set up MFA on your device the first time you log in to your Balance Platform Customer Area.

  1. Enter a device name in the Create device name field.
  2. Scan the QR barcode to create a new account in the authenticator app on your device. If you want to use a manual code to create a new account in your authenticator app, select Switch to manual key and enter the code Adyen provides.
  3. Enter the 6-digit verification code from your authenticator app.
  4. Select Add to register your device with Adyen.

After you register your device for MFA with an authenticator app, each time you log in to your Balance Platform Customer Area, you must enter the code from the authenticator app.

Manage devices

If you have a new device, you can remove your registered device and add MFA with an authenticator app to that new device.

To manage the devices used for MFA:

  1. In your Balance Platform Customer Area, navigate to the details page of the user whose device you want to manage: My user for your own user, or the User details page of another user in your organization.
  2. Under Multifactor authentication, select the delete icon next to the device you want to remove.
  3. Select Delete.

The next time you log in to Adyen, you must register your new device.