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Onboarding components

Use Adyen's prebuilt components to collect information from your users as part of your onboarding flow.

The Onboarding components are only compatible with the legal entities created with version 3 of the Legal Entity Management API.

To onboard and verify users, you need to create a user interface (UI) to collect user data. To speed up building your integration, Adyen offers Onboarding components. You can integrate these components into your UI to let your users enter their data. The component then uses the entered data to create the relevant resource. This means you don't need to implement the API call to create the resource yourself.

We recommend using the Onboarding components in your API-only onboarding flow to reduce engineering efforts and speed up implementation. It is important to note that the Onboarding components only cover certain functionality, and you still need to implement API calls for other parts of your API-only onboarding flow.

Here are some scenarios where the Onboarding components can be particularly useful:

  • You are developing your UI to onboard users with API-only onboarding and want to speed up the process.
  • You have already built your UI to onboard users with API-only onboarding and want to reduce the effort required to maintain your code.
  • You are using hosted onboarding to onboard users and want to let users manage their submitted data directly in your UI.

Available components

You can integrate the following Onboarding components:

Create Transfer Instrument Enables users to add information about their bank accounts (transfer instruments). Users can either give us permission for instant verification of their bank account, or they upload documents that we then use to validate the bank account.
Manage Transfer Instrument Enables users to add a new bank account (a transfer instrument) or delete an existing one that is no longer required. This component shows a list of all bank accounts that have been added, along with their corresponding verification statuses and error messages, if applicable.

Supported countries/regions

You can use the Onboarding components to onboard users operating in any of the countries and regions where Adyen for Platforms is supported, except for Hong Kong (beta) and New Zealand (beta).

Instant bank account verification is only available to specific countries/regions and legal entity types.

Supported languages

You can localize the Onboarding components by setting one of the following languages.

Language Locale code
Bulgarian bg-BG
Croatian hr-HR
Czech cs-CZ
Danish da-DK
Dutch nl-NL
English en-US
Estonian et-EE
Finnish fi-FI
French fr-FR
German de-DE
Greek el-GR
Hungarian hu-HU
Italian it-IT
Latvian lv-LV
Lithuanian lt-LT
Norwegian no-NO
Polish pl-PL
Portuguese pt-PT
Romanian ro-RO
Slovak sk-SK
Slovenian sl-SI
Spanish es-ES
Swedish sv-SE

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