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Notifications and webhooks

Get terminal-generated and platform-generated transaction updates.

When you send a payment request or another request, the terminal generates notifications. These are JSON formatted webhooks that you can send to an endpoint on your POS system, to inform your staff of important events.

There are two types of terminal notifications:

  • Display notifications give information about the progress of a tender. For example, how the shopper is interacting with the terminal, or what the result of the payment is.
  • Event notifications give information about the terminal's availability and state. For example, when a terminal is beginning maintenance, or shutting down.

    If your integration uses asynchronous cloud communications, you must set up event notifications. We then send the Terminal API responses to your endpoint.

In addition to terminal notifications, you can get platform-generated webhooks. These webhooks are generated on our platform and sent as HTTP callbacks to an endpoint on your server. There are several point-of-sale use cases that rely on these webhooks. For example, refunds, manual capture, omnichannel shopper recognition, as well as terminal management updates.

If you want to receive platform-generated webhooks or display and event notifications, you need to set this up.

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