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Deploy apps to your terminals

Upload apps to Adyen and make them available on your Android payment terminals.

On your Android payment terminal you can install and use Android apps. For example, a cash register app and an inventory maintenance app. This enables your staff to use a single device for checking the inventory, operating the cash register, and taking payments.

How it works

To make apps available on your Android payment terminals:

  1. You create your Android app and make sure it meets the requirements.
  2. You upload your app in your Customer Area.
    We sign the app, convert it to a format that the terminal can handle, and save it.
  3. If the app requires a certificate, you also upload the certificate in your Customer Area.
    We sign the certificate and save it.
  4. When signed and ready, you make the app available on the terminal. If applicable, you also make the certificate available.
    You can do this in the following ways:
    • Schedule deployment in your Customer Area: use it to plan the deployment of individual apps.
    • Schedule deployment using API requests: use it to automate app deployment by making API requests.
  5. The app is installed and becomes available on the terminal when the terminal makes an automatic maintenance call to our system.

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