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Japan installments

Make credit card installment payments in Japan.

When paying with credit cards in Japan, shoppers can split the payment amount into multiple installments. There are two types of installment plans:

  • Regular: the shopper chooses to split the amount into 2 to 99 equal monthly installments.
  • Revolving: the shopper makes an initial partial payment, and the remaining amount is split into installments. The number of installments depends on the agreement between the shopper and their bank.

Enable Japan installments

To accept credit card installment payments in Japan:

  • Contact our Support Team and ask them to enable it for your merchant account.

When enabled, installments work both with the Terminal API integration and on standalone terminals.

How it works

Whether you send a payment request from your POS app or start the payment from a standalone terminal, the flow is the same. You do not have to specify any additional fields in the payment request.

  1. You start a payment like you usually do.
  2. The shopper presents their card to the terminal and the screen with payment options shows.
  3. The shopper chooses the payment option on the terminal screen:
    • One-off payment, split payment, or revolving payment.
    • If split payment: number of installments.
  4. The shopper verifies the payment by entering PIN or signature on the terminal.
  5. When the transaction is approved, you receive a response containing receipt data.

If the payment is successful, the terminal shows that the payment is approved, and prints a merchant receipt and then a shopper receipt.

Reconciling installments

For both regular and revolving installments, you receive the full funds immediately from the bank, and the shopper pays the bank in installments.

If you use standalone terminals, you need to manually reconcile your point-of-sale transactions against your sales and returns.

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