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Follow UI guidelines

Follow UI guidelines for presenting Tap to Pay on iPhone in your POS app.

When using Tap to Pay on iPhone, the users of your POS app as well as the customers will interact with your app. There are some recommendations to follow for these interactions.

POS app user screens

It needs to be clear to users operating your POS app (like store staff) how they can activate Tap to Pay on iPhone.

  • Make the users aware they need to set up a device passcode to unlock the iPhone they use for Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  • Make sure the user interface for Tap to Pay on iPhone is in accordance with Apple's best practices and presentation guidelines.
    For example:
    • For a button, use the label Tap to Pay on iPhone, or Tap to Pay if there is little space.
    • Apple Pay and Tap to Pay on iPhone are two different things. So if you use an icon, use the Tap to Pay icon, not the Apple Pay icon.

Transaction screen

During a Tap to Pay on iPhone payment, customers will see a screen including the payment amount, and an icon with a text line to identify your business. The icon is determined automatically based on your Merchant Category Code (MCC), and can't be changed. The text by default shows your Adyen merchant account name.

  • Contact our Support Team if you want to change the text identifying your business. We can configure different texts for your company, merchant accounts, and stores.

Approval screen

After reading a card, the iPhone automatically shows a Done screen. When the transaction is authorized, an Approved screen appears automatically. There is no need to show another approval screen. Instead move to the next step in the flow, which would be to get the receipt.

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