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Perform a Refund in standalone mode - VX680

Perform a refund when your terminal is in standalone mode.

If the terminal shows an exclamation at the top bar, this means that the terminal holds data that it failed to synchronize with the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen due to lack of an outgoing internet connection.

A shopper may decide to return previously purchased goods, and you might want to start a refund transaction to pay back the corresponding amount to the shopper's card.
For security reasons, Adyen enables refund functionality on a per-device basis.You must enter a password to perform a refund in standalone mode.


To perform a refund, do the following:

  1. Press   + 8 to open the Special Payments menu.
  2. Enter the PIN code to unlock the device.
  3. Enter the amount to refund, then proceed like in a normal transaction.