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B2 test cards

How to test point-of-sale card transactions with B2 test cards.

Apart from the test card provided by Adyen, you can also use Adyen test card sets from B2 to test point-of-sale card transactions with the Adyen test terminals. These sets include several cards, each with a unique brand, language, country/region, and currency.

How to get a B2 test card set

You can buy B2 test cards from the B2 web store. Select one of the following sets:

Details of the sets are shown in the B2 web store and on the cards themselves.

Details of the test cards

Always check the details on the test card itself. The details may differ if your set is earlier or later than the sets described here.

All cards have a chip and a magstripe and support EMV contact and contactless test transactions.

Payment method Locale Issuing country/region Currency Expiration date PAN Other details
1: Visa German DE EUR 12/2024 476173******0043 High value transactions
2: Mastercard French FR EUR 12/2025 541333******4111 Offline transactions
3: MC Maestro French FR EUR 12/2025 679999*******2010
4: American Express Dutch NL EUR 12/2024 374245*****1003
5: Discover English UK GBP 12/2023 651000******0133
6: Diners English UK GBP 12/2023 360705****0046

How to use B2 test cards

B2 test cards are great for testing if your integration supports various payment methods. For example, to test if your integration accepts Visa cards, make a test payment on your Adyen test terminal using the B2 Visa card with PAN 476173******0043 from the Europe set or 476173******0011 from the North America set.

With B2 test cards, you can test declines in the same way as with an Adyen test card. For instructions, see Simulating declined payments.

B2 test cards don't let you trigger a CVM by using a specific amount in the test payment. Also, you can't test offline payments except when using the French Mastercard card from the Europe set.

Testing Manual Key Entry (MKE)

To test MKE with a B2 test card, always use 03/30 as the expiration date. Don't use the expiration date printed on the B2 test card itself.

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