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Connect the VX675 to your wireless network

Connect your terminal to the internet so that it can communicate with the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen and your own back end systems.


  1. Ensure the VX675 is fully charged.
    To fully charge the Terminal, leave plugged into the powered USB cable until the LED indicator remains lit.

  2. Open the Admin menu.
    No admin PIN code is required if the terminal is not yet boarded.

    Scroll through menus using the * and # buttons for scrolling up and down respectively.

  3. Press 1.Network

  4. Press 2. Wi-Fi.

  5. Press 2. Networks

  6. You can either scan for a network, or manually add it:

    1. Press 1. Scan to scan for a network.

      When scanning, the terminal displays the message "Scanning network", while it looks for a network.

      1. Choose the desired network and enter the wireless password. 

        The terminal will connect to the network.

      2. The terminal sets the network as default automatically, and connects to it.

      3. Exit the network menu to begin boarding the device.

    2. Or press 2. Add to manually add a network.

      1. Enter the network name in the 1. SSID field and press .
      2. Press 2 to select the authentication type (Auth).
      3. Use the green left and right arrows on the screen to toggle between WPA and WPA-2.
      4. Press 3 to select the wireless security (WSEC) type.
      5. Use the green left and right arrows to toggle between TKIP and CCMP.
      6. Press Next.
      7. Enter the wireless password and press .
      8. The terminal will connect and set this network to default.