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The create_tender_response contains the following data elements:

Data elementDescription


A reference to the tender provided by the PED.


The result of the tender creation. An enum of type CREATE_TENDER_STATUS that indicates if the transaction started successfully.If the result is an error, review the library_result_code (library related errors) or the ped_result_code (PED originated errors) for more detail.


An enum of type ADYEN_LIBRARY_RESULT, populated when the library encounters a failure. If create_tender_status is an error, the library_result_codemust be checked first because it indicates if the library processed the transaction successfully.This parameter should be ADYEN_REMOTE_OK. If not, an internal error occurred that should be reported to Adyen.


An enum of type PED_RESULT_CODE that indicates if an error has occurred on the PED. It can have a number of values:

    • ADYLibraryResultCreateTenderRequestNull,
    • ADYLibraryResultTerminalIDMissing,
    • ADYLibraryResultTerminalIDEmpty,
    • ADYLibraryResultTransactionTypeInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultAmountCurrencyMissing,
    • ADYLibraryResultAmountCurrencyInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultAmountValueMissing,
    • ADYLibraryResultAmountValueInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultGratuityAmountCurrencyInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultGratuityAmountValueMissing,
    • ADYLibraryResultGratuityAmountValueInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultShopperEmailInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultRecurringContractNameInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultRecurringDetailNameInvalid,
    • ADYLibraryResultCreateTenderFailed,

The "UNFINISHED_TENDER" error specifies that a tender is still running on the PED and includes a tender_reference for the unfinished tender. Use this reference to either continue or cancel the unfinished tender. Subsequent callbacks refer to the unfinished tender. 

In both cases, continue or cancel, wait for the final callback on the unfinished tender before creating a new tender. The result is also required when the tender is cancelled, as there is no guarantee that the unfinished tender can be cancelled, for.


Message in case of an error. 

A pspReference and authCode will not be visible if the transaction was performed offline.