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Name Description
AdditionalData Additional data you pass with the tender. The additionalData object is a generic container that can hold extra response fields. The system uses the card number as a key to collect relevant additional data, for example loyalty data or recurring contract information.

Additional data elements

When the additional data callback is triggered the cash register is provided with a large number of data elements which can be used in business processes to make decisions on the progress of the transaction. This is typically used for loyalty as the most distinguishing information concerns the cardholder-specific information. An example list contains the following:

additionalDataKey additionalDataValue
alias M469509594859802
cardIssueNumber 53
tid 83814241
posOriginalAmountValue 14823
cardHolderName TC02_MC_Approved
merchantReference Mref-12345
transactionType GOODS_SERVICES
cardIssuerCountryId 056
cardSummary 9999
cardBin 541333
paymentMethod mc
paymentMethodVariant mccredit
applicationLabel MCNL
posAuthAmountValue 14823
posAuthAmountCurrency EUR
txdate 1-4-2018
txtime 09:34:34


This field returns time in GMT format.

applicationPreferredName mc nl
AID A000000004101001
posEntryMode ICC
expiryMonth 02
expiryYear 2028
Optionally additional elements can be provided:
shopperReference YOUR_UNIQUE_SHOPPER_ID_IOfW3k9G2PvXFu2j
stored_value_redemption_type Perform a cash back or deactivate a card by passing a stored value redemption type in additional data. 
  • cashback - Cash out the value of a gift card. For SVS, you must create a zero-value transaction to cash out the entire balance of a card. You can not cash out a specific amount.
  • deactivate (not available for SVS) - Deactivates a gift card.  (Deactivate is not available for SVS).

  • gratuity (SVS cards only) - Used to provide a tip from a gift card. (For SVS cards only).

The cashback and deactivate values can be piped to chain the tasks by passing "cashback|deactivate".

All these elements are present for chip-based transactions while several are non-existent for MSR or NFC transactions. Non-existence should not block the cash register from standard operating. Additional elements may be present depending on the transaction options like Gratuity.

Use this object in the following calls and callbacks to represent the Additional Data: