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Initialize the library

Before the library can be used, you must initialize it using the InitLibrary method.

POS Object

Name Description
POS POS object representing the cash register application.


Name Description

Initializes the library and sets the environment, merchant name, cash register name, integrator name, and library flags.


Name Type Required Description


long -white_check_mark-

Environment flag. Set as 1 for the Test environment and 2 for the Live environment.


String -white_check_mark-

The merchant account used for the cash register application registration.


String -white_check_mark-

The cash register name.

Format this value like so: Cash register company and product / Cash register product version / Adyen integration name / Adyen integration version. For example,  Acme Corp POS / 1.2.1 / Acme Adyen connector / 0.1 


long -x-

A set of library flags.


String -x-

The name of the integrator company for logging.

This value should be the name of the company deploying cash register or Point-of-Sale solution, for example,  Retail Consultancy Corp.

Check the intCallResult value immediately to indicate if the C library received the request without error.


Name Description
InitLibraryCB Returns the result of the library initialization.