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Manual Keyed Entry and passing of card details

Manual Keyed Entry involves manually typing the card details from a customers gift card into either the cash register or the PIN Entry Device (PED).

When details are read from a magnetic stripe (magstripe), a card-swipe action is triggered and manual keyed entry is not necessary. In this case, it is not necessary to pass card details (such as card number, expiry date) with commands. For barcodes, if the information is read using the barcode reader on the POS, this will trigger an MKE type transaction.

If card details must be entered manually, for example where the magnetic stripe and chip are not functional, or on a phone order, the forceEntryMode is set to keyed, and the merchant or cardholder will enter their details manually.

If the cashier knows the customer's card details, they can enter them on the cash register. Otherwise, the shopper will enter the details on the PED.

Manual Keyed details can be passed with a special tender.

Card Mask data can be sent without card information, which will then be displayed on the PED. If no card mask information is sent, the PED uses a default mask.