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Partial authorization

We are discontinuing classic libraries. If you are currently using a classic library, you need to migrate to Terminal API.
Don't build a new integration with a classic library.

Partial authorization allows the shopper to pay for their goods with another card, if the balance of their primary card is less than the value of the goods. The tender option  AllowPartialAuthorisation is used to enable partial authorizations on a tender.

  1. Initiate a transaction with CreateTender including AllowPartialAuthorisation as a tender option.
  2. A request for payment is returned from the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen which includes the allowPartialAuthorisation parameter as part of the AdditionalData object.
  3. Confirm the authorization with the ConfirmAdditionalData response, including the following parameters:
Element Details
authorisedAmountValue The value available to partially authorize from the card.
authorisedAmountCurrency The currency of the balance being authorized from the card.
requestedAmount The total value of the tendered goods.