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Check the status of a refund


Name Type Required Description
ADYRefundData NSObject -white_check_mark- Instances of this class represent a refund on a particular transaction. A single transaction can have multiple refund instances. This is because a transaction can be refunded as a whole or partially. For example: when a customer purchased more than one item with one payment, but decides later on that one of the items is not satisfactory, only a part of the original transaction should be refunded. This can occur a number of times until all of the original amount has been refunded. The amount has to be refunded in the same currency as the original transaction.





The unique pspReference to identify this refund.

amountNSNumber-white_check_mark-The amount that was refunded.
dateNSDate-white_check_mark-The date/time this refund was completed.
referenceNSString-x-A reference or description for this refund.

The processing state of the refund, indicating if the refund was already submitted to the server or is waiting for a working internet connection. Can be `ADYProcessingStateProcessed` or `ADYProcessingStateReversalPending`.