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Query the PED object for device information


Name Description
refreshPedState Retrieves the state of the PED if connectivity with the PED was lost.


Name Description
retries Number of retries when attempting to refresh the PED state.


Name Description
pedStateChangeCallback refreshPedState triggers this callback.It returns if the PED state has changed, for example, if the PED has come online.

PED States

ped_state_undetectedIncorrect IP, cannot detect the PED. This is a final state.
ped_state_detectedPED detected, correct serial/IP address.
ped_state_identifiedValid PED.
ped_state_registeredPED is registered, final result on RegisterPED.
ped_state_config_syncedPED is has synchronized its configuration.
ped_state_wait_reboot_readyPED is rebooting.
ped_state_wait_ready_for_transactionPED must complete another process before it is ready to create a transaction.
ped_state_not_readyPED is busy. This is a final state. 
ped_state_ready_for_transactionPED is ready for transaction.
ped_state_tenderPED is busy with a tender.

Result codes

Name Description
ADYEN_LIBRARY_OK Everything is ok, library will poll for updated terminal state.
ADYEN_LIBRARY_CONFIRM_QUERY_PED_STATE_TERMINAL_ID_UNKNOWN Library is currently polling, call is rejected.
ADYEN_LIBRARY_CONFIRM_QUERY_PED_STATE_INVALID_ARGUMENTS Invalid Arguments specified, use a positive number of poll_retries.
ADYEN_LIBRARY_CONFIRM_QUERY_PED_STATE_INVALID_STATE Library is already in polling state, you will receive an ped_state callback when the library receives an valid state.
ADYEN_FAIL_MALLOC Cannot allocate memory, system out of memory.
ADYEN_INVALID_REF_OBJ Internal communication reference object is illegal.