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Board the terminal

Register your payment terminal with Adyen.

To make a terminal ready to accept payments, it needs to be assigned to your store, and then boarded. Often the terminal is already assigned to your store and all you need to do is confirm. But it is also possible that you need to select your store from a list on the terminal display. If you have a large number of stores, you can enable your store staff to initiate the boarding process with an one-time password (OTP).

The boarding process can take up to 30 minutes.

Manually board your terminal

  1. Switch on the terminal. During startup, the display turns on and off a few times.

  2. If the display shows Configure network, connect the terminal to the internet.

  3. On the terminal, select Board the terminal.

  4. Follow the instructions for your situation:

    Situation Instructions
    The Board the terminal button doesn't show. The terminal is boarded already. If you recently reassigned the terminal to a different store, wait until the next synchronization with the Adyen platform (on average every three hours) and try again.
    The display shows a list of stores.
    1. Find your store; you can Search by city and/or scroll the list.
    2. Select your store.
    3. Select Confirm.
    The display shows one store. Select Confirm to accept the store that the terminal was assigned to.

    If this is not the correct store, reassign the terminal in the Customer Area and try again.

    The display asks for a password.

    If you didn't assign the terminal:

    1. Cancel the boarding.
    2. Assign the terminal to a store.
    3. Board the terminal.
    4. Follow the instructions below to find and enter the password.

    If you assigned the terminal, find and enter the password:

    1. In your Customer Area, go to In-person payments > Terminals.
    2. Search for the terminal by serial number.
    3. Click on the row of your terminal to open the detail page, and find the password in the One time password field.
    4. On the terminal keypad, enter the password.

The terminal reboots one or more times.

Your terminal is now boarded and ready to process payments.

To see how to manually board a terminal, you can also watch a video here:

Board your terminal with a one-time password

From software version 1.94, you can use the one-time password (OTP) to board payment terminals that are still in the inventory at the company or merchant level. This is convenient if you have a large number of stores and don't want to assign terminals in your Customer Area before shipping them. It removes the risk of assigning a terminal to the wrong store because the terminals are boarded on the spot.

Because boarding with a one-time password consists of several Management API calls, you need to implement logic in your system to trigger this. For example, when your store personnel scans the barcode on the terminal screen, your system gets the ID of the terminal and assigns it to the correct store.

How it works

To enable boarding with a one-time password, contact your Account Manager or our Support Team. If you want your logo to show on the one-time password screen, ask them to configure it.

  1. The store personnel turn on the payment terminal and connect it to the network.
  2. The store personnel scan the barcode on the terminal screen or enter the terminal's one-time password in their device.
  3. Using the logic that you implemented, your system makes an API call with the one-time password to get the ID of the terminal.
  4. The device then makes an API call to assign the terminal with that ID to the store.
  5. Once assigned, the terminal downloads the configuration and is ready to process transactions.

Board the terminal

To board your terminal with a one-time password, you need to make requests to Management API. For this you need an API credential with an API key and the following roles:

  • Management API — Terminal actions read
  • Management API - Reassign terminal to an entity

You need to know the unique identifier of the store that you want to assign the terminal to.

  1. Make a GET /terminals request specifying the following query parameter to get a list of terminals associated with the one-time password:

    Query parameter Result
    otpQuery Returns one or more terminals associated with the one-time passwords specified in the request. If this query parameter is used, other query parameters are ignored.
  2. The response returns the details of the payment terminal associated with the one-time password inside the data array:

  3. Use the id of the terminal from the response to assign the terminal to your store. The terminal automatically boards to the store that you specified in the assignment request.

  4. The terminal automatically downloads the configuration.

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