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UX300 user manual

Learn how to set up, configure, and use the UX300 unattended payment terminal.

A UX300 unattended terminal consists of three separate devices: a UX300 card reader, a UX100 PIN pad with a display, and a UX400 NFC-reader. These devices are mounted in a self-service machine such as a kiosk, vending machine, or ticket machine.

Setup overview

Get your new unattended terminal up and running:

  1. Perform a device security inspection.
  2. Mount the UX devices in the front panel of your self-service machine.
  3. Connect the cables.
  4. Reset the anti-removal switches.
  5. If you don't want to use DHCP, update the terminal's network connection settings.
  6. Board the terminal.
  7. Update the terminal software.
  8. Do any remaining steps related to mounting the UX devices.

When you've completed these steps, you're ready to process payments!

Ordering unattended terminals

To order a UX300 unattended terminal, order the UX300 card reader from your Customer Area. The UX100 PIN pad and the UX400 NFC-reader will automatically be supplied with it.

Provided components

Component Device dimensions Cutout dimensions
UX300 card reader Height 71mm x Width 96 mm x Depth 150mm Height 61,2mm x Width 73,2mm
UX100 PIN pad Height 142mm x Width 108mm x Depth 26mm Height 120mm x Width 82mm
UX400 NFC-reader Height 92mm x Width 100mm x Depth 27mm Height 61,2mm x Width 73,2mm