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White Adyen point-of-sale test card

How to test point-of-sale card transactions with the white (v1) Adyen test card.

This Adyen test card has several "applications" programmed onto it that let you simulate different card types, currencies, and Cardholder Verification Methods (CVM).

You can view the details of test payments, including the result, in your test Customer Area under Transactions > Payments.

Card applications

To test transactions with a particular type of card, use the card details for the corresponding application on the test card.

Application Payment method Issuing country Currency Expiration date Locale PIN PAN
MC NL Mastercard BE EUR 02/28 Dutch 1234 5413 3300 8909 9999
MS EN Maestro BE EUR 02/28 English 1234 6799 9989 0000 0099 990
MC F Mastercard US USD 02/28 French 1234 5413 3300 8999 9990
MC ES Maestro US USD 02/28 Spanish 1234 6799 9989 0000 0999 991
MSR Mastercard US USD 12/25 English 1234 5413 3300 8902 0037

Testing CVMs

To test different CVMs, use different combinations of transaction amount and currency.

If you enter a wrong PIN multiple times, the card is blocked and can't be used anymore.

Application Amount Currency CVM
MC NL >200.00 EUR CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verified online
  >100 EUR CVM 2: Enciphered PIN verified by EMV chip
  0-100 EUR CVM 3: Signature
MS EN >200.00 EUR CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verified online
  >100 EUR CVM 2: Enciphered PIN verified by EMV chip
  0-100 EUR CVM 3: Signature
MC F All All CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verified by EMV chip
MC ES All All CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verified by EMV chip
MSR All All CVM 1: Service code 201 - Signature

Testing acquirer responses

To simulate different acquirer responses, change the last three digits of the RequestedAmount that you specify in the payment request.

For example, to test how your integration responds when the issuer suspects fraud, specify a RequestedAmount with 151 as the last three digits, such as 101.51 or 21.51.

Also refer to our error handling instructions for declined payments.

The following table shows:

  • The last three digits of an amount that you need to specify for obtaining a specific result.
  • The acquirer response in the Customer Area. This is shown on the Payment Details page of the payment, in the Processing pane.

    In a Terminal API integration the acquirer response is also included in the AdditionalResponse. In a classic library integration however, we return a generic DECLINED_ONLINE posResultCode in most cases.
    Another way to receive the acquirer response is through standard notifications with the additional setting Add Raw Acquirer Result enabled.

  • The status of the payment in the Customer Area. This is shown both in the Payments list and on the Payment Details page of the payment.
Amount - last three digits Acquirer Response in Customer Area Status in Customer Area
Any (except the special cases below) Approved Approved
121 Acquirer Cancelled Refused
122 Fraud Refused
123 Declined Refused
124 Not enough balance Refused
125 Blocked card Refused
126 Expired card Refused
127 Invalid amount Refused
128 Invalid card number Refused
129 Not supported Refused
130 Acquirer error Error
131 Acquirer declined Refused
132 Acquirer declined Refused
133 Referral Refused

Incorrect online PIN

Use the correct PIN for the application on your test card, either the white test card or the green test card.

135 PIN tries exceeded Refused
136 Issuer unavailable Refused

Withdrawal Amount Exceeded


Withdrawal Count Exceeded


Amount partially approved


Contactless Withdrawal Amount Exceeded (Only for contactless, otherwise APPROVED)

143 Contactless Withdrawal Count Exceeded (Only for contactless, otherwise APPROVED) Refused
144 Not Submitted Refused
145 Cancelled due to Fraud Refused
146 Transaction Not Permitted Refused
147 CVC Declined Refused
148 Restricted Card Refused
149 Revocation Of Auth Refused
150 Declined Non Generic Refused
151 Issuer Suspected Fraud Refused
152 No checking account Refused
153 No savings account Refused
154 Contactless fallback Retry
155 Mobile PIN required Retry
Any Card removed during app selection Error
Any Cancelled via terminal Cancelled
Any Cancelled through the library by merchant Cancelled

Transactions can be cancelled from the terminal or cash register. A cancellation will generate the result Cancelled. Refunds will generate the result Approved.

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