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Obtain a small amount of cash from a card with a purchase or without a purchase (cashout).

The cashback feature lets shoppers get cash in hand from their account, either with their purchase or without a purchase. Cashback without a purchase is often called cashout.

This feature is supported for:

  • eftpos debit cards in Australia
  • girocard debit cards in Germany
  • Mastercard in Europe
  • Visa in Europe

Enable cashbacks

Contact our POS Support Team to enable cashbacks.

Issue a cashback

  1. Determine the following values that you'll need to pass in your payment request:

    • The cashback amount.
    • The sum of the cashback amount and the amount due for the shopper's purchases.

  2. Make a POST request to a Terminal API endpoint, specifying:

    • PaymentTransaction with the total and cashback amounts:

      Parameter Description
      AmountsReq.RequestedAmount The total amount to be paid by the shopper: the amount for the purchase plus the amount for the cashback.
      AmountsReq.CashBackAmount The cashback amount.

    The example below shows how you would make a request if a shopper purchased goods for 10 AUD, and wants to obtain a cashback of 2 AUD:

      "SaleToPOIRequest": {
        "MessageHeader": {
          "ProtocolVersion": "3.0",
          "MessageClass": "Service",
          "MessageCategory": "Payment",
          "MessageType": "Request",
          "ServiceID": "0501160930",
          "SaleID": "POSSystemID12345",
          "POIID": "P400Plus-540004072"
        "PaymentRequest": {
          "SaleData": {
            "SaleTransactionID": {
              "TransactionID": "3375",
              "TimeStamp": "2018-05-01T14:09:30+00:00"
          "PaymentTransaction": {
            "AmountsReq": {
              "Currency": "AUD",
              "RequestedAmount": 12.00,
              "CashBackAmount": 2.00
    String serviceID = "YOUR_UNIQUE_ATTEMPT_ID";
    String saleID = "YOUR_CASH_REGISTER_ID";
    String transactionID = "YOUR_UNIQUE_TRANSACTION_ID";
    SaleToPOIRequest saleToPOIRequest = new SaleToPOIRequest();
    MessageHeader messageHeader = new MessageHeader();
    messageHeader.setMessageClass( MessageClassType.SERVICE );
    messageHeader.setMessageCategory( MessageCategoryType.PAYMENT );
    messageHeader.setMessageType( MessageType.REQUEST );
    PaymentRequest paymentRequest = new PaymentRequest();
    SaleData saleData = new SaleData();
    TransactionIdentification saleTransactionID = new TransactionIdentification();
    saleTransactionID.setTimeStamp(DatatypeFactory.newInstance().newXMLGregorianCalendar(new GregorianCalendar()));
    PaymentTransaction paymentTransaction = new PaymentTransaction();
    AmountsReq amountsReq = new AmountsReq();
    amountsReq.setRequestedAmount( BigDecimal.valueOf(12.00) );
    amountsReq.setCashBackAmount( BigDecimal.valueOf(2.00) );
  3. When you receive the payment response, check the Response.Result:

    • Success means the issuer authorised both the payment and the cashback.
      The amount in the PaymentResult.AmountsResp.CashBackAmount field is the amount that you need to pay to the shopper in cash.

    • Partial means the issuer authorised the payment but not the cashback.

    Payment response with cashback
        "SaleToPOIResponse": {
            "PaymentResponse": {
                "POIData": {
                    "POITransactionID": {
                        "TimeStamp": "2018-05-01T14:09:30.000Z",
                        "TransactionID": "u6W7001525183770000.NC6HT9CRT65ZGN82"
                "SaleData": {
                    "SaleTransactionID": {
                        "TimeStamp": "2018-05-01T14:09:30.000Z",
                        "TransactionID": "3375"
                "PaymentResult": {
                    "AuthenticationMethod": [
                    "PaymentAcquirerData": {...},
                    "PaymentInstrumentData": {
                        "CardData": {
                            "EntryMode": [
                            "PaymentBrand": "eftpos_australia_sav",
                            "MaskedPan": "637204 **** 0025",
                            "SensitiveCardData": {
                                "ExpiryDate": "1220"
                        "PaymentInstrumentType": "Card"
                    "AmountsResp": {
                        "AuthorizedAmount": 12,
                        "CashBackAmount": 2,
                        "Currency": "AUD"
                "Response": {
                    "Result": "Success",
                    "AdditionalResponse": "...cashBackAmountValue=200"
            "MessageHeader": {...}

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