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Sneak peek

A glimpse of expected features and improvements.

Get a glimpse of the next release and other upcoming new features and improvements.

What's in the next release?

v1.76 The next release is v1.76. This is expected to include the following:


  • We will support the printing of receipts in a layout specific to the Japanese market.
  • You will be able to let Japanese shoppers choose on a terminal whether to pay the whole amount or split it into installments.
  • You will be able to warn shoppers on the terminal that the tip they entered is higher than the predefined percentage.

Terminal API integration

  • We will fix the issue where the card acquisition response includes the warning that the SaleToPOIData field is not supported.

OPI integration

  • We will fix the issue where the terminal gets stuck in the menu if you cancel a Pay-at-table payment with the cash option disabled.

Android terminals

  • We will extend the supported display requests with Show an image and Show a QR code.
  • We will enable presenting shoppers with an option to donate to a charity after they pay on a terminal.
  • We will enable adding variables for the Device slogan field to automatically show the terminal serial number, store ID, or IP address on the screen of the terminal.
  • We will fix the scaling issue when printing wide images on the terminal.
  • We will fix the issue where the language on the terminal fails to change to Norwegian after you set in the Customer Area.

New menu structure

We will rearrange the menu options on the terminal, and change the way you access the menus. This brings several advantages:

  • To open a menu, users select an on-screen button. They don't have to learn key combinations anymore.
  • Options are protected with a passcode depending on their function, not depending on the menu.
  • There's a clear distinction between the type of options: The Settings menu contains hardware options, and the Adyen menu contains payment-related options:

    Settings menu Adyen menu
    Device info Transactions
    Network Totals
    Software Payments (on standalone)
    Hardware diagnostics
    Power off

On standalone terminals, a Payment button lets you start a normal payment, and the special payments menu will be part of the Adyen menu.

We expect to release this in 2022.

Quick pairing with a Bluetooth base station

When the Bluetooth base station is connected to the Ethernet, turned on (white LED is on), and ready for pairing (blue LED is blinking), this is all you have to do to connect the V400m payment terminal with your wired network:

  1. Dock the terminal into the base station.
  2. On the terminal, select Pair now.

That's it! Bluetooth is enabled automatically on the terminal, and you no longer have to select the base station that you want to connect to.

We expect to release this in 2022.