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Show the standby screen

Idle the display of the payment terminal.

In certain situations you may want to idle the terminal display and make it show the standby screen. This screen shows your own branded logo as it is usually shown when no other process is going on.

Idle the terminal display

To force the payment terminal to show the standby screen, we recommend using a display request with PredefinedContent. This works regardless of the terminal model.

There's also another method that we support. This uses OutputXHTML in the display request. However, it only works on terminals that accept XHTML: M400, P400 Plus, and V400m.

Select the tabs below for details.

  1. Make a POST request to a Terminal API endpoint, specifying:

    Parameter Required Description
    ProtocolVersion -white_check_mark- 3.0
    MessageClass -white_check_mark- Device
    MessageCategory -white_check_mark- Display
    MessageType -white_check_mark- Request
    ServiceID -white_check_mark- Your unique ID for this request, consisting of 1-10 alphanumeric characters. Must be unique within the last 48 hours for the terminal (POIID) being used.
    SaleID -white_check_mark- Your unique ID for the POS system component to send this request from.
    POIID -white_check_mark- The unique ID of the terminal to send this request to. Format: [device model]-[serial number].
    • DisplayRequest.DisplayOutput : An array containing a single array item with:

      Parameter Value
      Device CustomerDisplay
      InfoQualify Display
      OutputContent.OutputFormat MessageRef
      OutputContent.PredefinedContent.ReferenceID Idle
    String serviceID = "YOUR_UNIQUE_ATTEMPT_ID";
    String saleID = "YOUR_CASH_REGISTER_ID";
    SaleToPOIRequest saleToPOIRequest = new SaleToPOIRequest();
    DisplayRequest displayRequest = new DisplayRequest();
    DisplayOutput displayOutput = new DisplayOutput();
    displayOutput.setDevice( DeviceType.CUSTOMER_DISPLAY );
    displayOutput.setInfoQualify( InfoQualifyType.DISPLAY );
    OutputContent outputContent = new OutputContent();
    outputContent.setOutputFormat( OutputFormatType.MESSAGEREF );
    PredefinedContent predefinedContent = new PredefinedContent();
    MessageHeader messageHeader = new MessageHeader();
    messageHeader.setMessageClass( MessageClassType.DEVICE );
    messageHeader.setMessageCategory( MessageCategoryType.DISPLAY );
    messageHeader.setMessageType( MessageType.REQUEST );
  2. Check the response. If the request is successful, the response contains:

    • OutputResult.Response.Result: Success
    Idle display response when using PredefinedContent
        "SaleToPOIResponse": {
            "DisplayResponse": {
                "OutputResult": [
                        "Device": "CustomerDisplay",
                        "InfoQualify": "Display",
                        "Response": {
                            "Result": "Success"
            "MessageHeader": {...}

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