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Gratuities allow you to offer a tip, which can be useful in restaurant environments, or anywhere where gratuities are offered for good service. Gratuities can be set in createTender or as a configuration option for stand-alone terminals.

Process flow

  1. Associate enters amount, currency and merchant reference and starts a transaction.
  2. If the tender option AskGratuity is enabled, the terminal asks the shopper if they want to tip. If the AskGratuity option is enabled, continue to Steps 2a, 2b and 2c. If it is not enabled go to Step 3.
    1. The terminal shows amount, currency and asks shopper to enter gratuity amount.
    2. The shopper enters gratuity amount and presses Enter.
    3. Associate can see the updated amount in POS. The updated amount is presented on the PED.
  3. The terminal shows amount and currency and asks shopper to insert/swipe card.
  4. The shopper inserts or swipes their card.
  5. After the card is presented to the terminal, the Customer Verification Method (CVM) method is determined. Common CVM methods are signature capture or PIN entry:

    1. CVM is PIN entry.

      • For EMV transactions, the flow continues if the PIN is valid. If the entered PIN is not valid, the terminal prompts the shopper to retry up to three times. If three attempts are unsuccessful the terminal displays a message to the shopper.
    2. CVM is signature.

      • The signature can be captured on a screen or paper. 

        • For capture on screen: a terminal with touch screen has to be set up through Adyen's Customer Area. If the signature is unsuccessful, the tender cannot be authorised.

        • For capture on paper: a merchant copy of the receipt is printed, the shopper can sign on the receipt. The cashier should accept or deny the signature: if the signature is not accepted, the tender cannot be authorized.
  6. The terminal sends an authorization request, after cardholder verification is secured.

  7. The Adyen payments platform sends Authorisation response to the terminal.

  8. The terminal receives transaction results from the Adyen payments platform.

  9. The POS library sends the final result callback to the cash register. The result can be: Approved, Declined, Cancelled or Error.

  10. The cash register receives the final result from the transaction.