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Implement tipping (gratuity) in your payment flow.

Using our Standalone solution?

With our Standalone solution you can implement tipping from the terminal.

There are various ways to implement tipping ('gratuity'). These are your options:

  • Tipping from the cash register: You add a tip amount to the payment request that you send from the cash register. The customer then accepts, changes, or declines the suggested tip amount on the payment terminal and completes the payment.

  • Tipping from the terminal: You make a payment request that triggers the payment terminal to show the tipping options that you defined. For example, fixed amounts, percentages of the transaction amount, or both. The customer selects a tipping option or enters a custom tip amount and completes the payment.

  • Tipping on the receipt: You make a pre-authorisation request to allow the customer to write a tip on the receipt after completing the payment. If necessary, you increase the original authorisation. Then you manually capture the final amount.

How do you want to implement tipping?