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Run diagnostics

How to verify the state of a payment terminal.

To verify the state of a payment terminal, you can:

  • In a Terminal API integration, make a DiagnosisRequest. This checks the condition of the terminal components, and returns the battery charge level (if applicable) and the unconfirmed batch count. This count is the number of payments that the terminal hasn't been able to send to the Adyen host.

  • In a cloud Terminal API integration, use your Customer Area or an API request to verify whether specific terminals have a live cloud (WebSockets) connection to our Terminal API.

  • Start tests from the payment terminal:

    • To check the connection with the Adyen payments platform.
      You would do this for example on first-time use of the terminal, or when there seems to be something wrong with the terminal's network connection.

    • To check the hardware components such as the chip card reader.

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