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Customize terminal settings

Adapt the display and receipts to your location and company branding.

In your Customer Area, you'll find a large number of point-of-sale settings that you can manage yourself.

Some settings are specific for a payment feature, or for your network and integration type. For example, tipping options, limits for offline transactions, and standalone options. We describe such settings on the pages for those topics.

On this page we give an overview of general customization settings for your payment terminals and receipts. To access these settings:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. To determine settings:
    • On the company or merchant account level: Switch to that account level and go to Point of sale > Terminal settings.
    • On the level of an individual terminal: Go to Point of sale > Terminals and select the terminal. Some settings are only available on the terminal level.

Terminal customization

On the Settings page, select Customisation to access settings for languages, signature handling, branding on the display, and battery power saving.

Settings category Description
Location Language: Set the default language shown on the terminal display, and on the merchant receipt. When the shopper presents their card, the terminal switches to the language of the country where the card was issued, and the shopper receipt will also be in that language. You can also set:
  • A secondary language that the shopper can select on the terminal.
  • Languages to exclude from use on the shopper receipt, for example if your integration has character set limitations. The default language of the terminal is then used instead.
Signature and device name

Determine whether you want the shopper to sign on the terminal display or on the receipt when a signature is needed to complete a payment, and whether you want to skip asking for a signature when the shopper uses an American Express, Diners, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA card.

Add a device name as an additional way besides the terminal ID to identify the terminal.

On the level of an individual terminal, you can add items to the display:

  • A label or terminal ID in the status bar (max. six characters).
  • A slogan to show at start-up and some other moments.

Logo Add branding by uploading your company logo to use as the terminal standby screen. For each model, the logo file requirements are listed.
Battery life

Screen dimming: Save battery power by dimming the display outside of transactions, and by setting the brightness.

Sleep mode: Save battery power by turning off the display when the terminal is inactive.

Minimum battery levels: Make sure the terminal only starts a transaction or prints a receipt when it has enough battery power. This prevents the terminal from becoming unresponsive in mid-action.

You can check the battery charge level of a payment terminal with a diagnosis request.

Receipt customization

Required receipt content
You can safely add your own branding to a receipt, as described here. But be aware that you risk non-compliance when you modify the content of a receipt. Refer to Generate receipts.

On the Settings page, select Receipts to access settings for printing receipts from the terminal, and branding of your receipts.

Settings category Description
General Select the transaction outcomes that you want to print a merchant receipt and/or a shopper receipt for. For example, a shopper receipt and a merchant receipt when the transaction is approved.
Receipt options / Receipt lines You can add custom information to your receipts, which will also be included in the receipt data you receive in a transaction response:
  • Data that you want to include on the receipt as a QR code.
  • One or two header lines with your own text. You can use variables for elements like the name and address of your store.
When you print receipts from the terminal's built-in printer, you can:
  • Enable Prompt for print receipt to let the terminal ask the shopper whether they want a printed receipt. If they select No, the terminal doesn't print the shopper receipt.
  • Upload a Receipt logo: Your company logo to print on the receipt.

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