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Pass on the scheme fee to the cardholder as a payment surcharge.

Payment brands—card schemes, debit network providers—charge a fee for accepting payments over their payment network. Usually, businesses include the costs for payment fees in the prices they charge. But in some countries it is common to pass on these costs as a surcharge when the shopper makes a payment.

Configure surcharges

To apply payment surcharges, you first have to configure the surcharge amounts and/or percentages.

The payment acceptance fees you pay depend on the payment method brand, funding source (credit, debit, or prepaid), and currency. This means the surcharge you can pass on must be specific for the combination of brand, funding source, and currency. The surcharge can be a fixed amount for each transaction, a percentage of the purchase amount, or both.

To configure surcharges:

  1. Create an overview of all surcharges you want to apply. For example:

    Brand Funding source Currency Percentage Amount
    eftpos AUD (none) 0.10 AUD
    Mastercard Credit AUD 1.2 % 1 AUD
    Mastercard Debit AUD 0.58 % (none)
    Visa Credit AUD 1.50% 1.2 AUD
    Visa Debit AUD 0.63% (none)
  2. Contact our POS Support Team to configure the surcharge feature according to your overview.

  3. Optional. Ask our POS Support Team to configure single tap. When this feature is enabled, the shopper doesn't need to present their contactless card again after the terminal has calculated the total amount.

How it works

After the surcharges are configured:

  1. You make a payment request like you normally do. There are no special parameters required to trigger the surcharge.
  2. The payment terminal shows the purchase amount and prompts the shopper to present their card.
  3. Based on the card that the shopper presents, the terminal calculates the surcharge.
  4. The terminal shows the total amount (purchase amount plus surcharge), the surcharge amount, and the card scheme that the extra fee is charged for.

  5. The shopper selects the Confirm key to accept, and the payment is processed.

    If the shopper doesn't accept the surcharge and selects the Cancel key, the whole transaction is cancelled.

Skipping the confirmation screen

It takes a bit of time for the shopper to review the screen that shows the surcharge amount.
To avoid this delay in the payment flow, ask our POS Support Team to configure hiding the surcharge confirmation screen.

Make sure the shopper is informed that a surcharge will be added to the payment amount.

The flow will then be:

  1. You make a payment request like you normally do.
  2. The shopper completes the payment.
  3. Based on the card that the shopper presents, the terminal calculates the surcharge and adds it to the payment amount during the authorisation.

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