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Automate the management of your terminals

Use APIs to order, assign, and configure payment terminals.

Payment terminals can be ordered, assigned, and configured manually in your Customer Area. However, doing this manually can be too time-consuming or impractical.

To automate the management of terminals you can use API calls. Our APIs let you order, assign, and configure terminals. Then, when the configured terminal is delivered to the store that it's assigned to, store staff only need to board the terminal.


API key

To authenticate your requests, you need to have an API key. If you don't have an API key yet, create an API key in your test Customer Area. Then set this key to the X-API-Key header value.

To access the live endpoints, you need to generate a new API key in your live Customer Area.

If you are using a Terminal API integration with cloud-based communications, you can use the existing API key you use for Terminal API calls.


To use the APIs, your API credential must have specific roles:

  • Management API—this role allows you to get company and merchant account IDs
  • Create/Manage terminal orders via API
  • View terminal TFM settings via API—this role allows you to view terminal settings
  • Update terminal TFM settings via API—this role allows you to configure terminal settings
  • POS Terminal Management API—this role allows you to assign terminals


Versioning is handled as part of the endpoint URL. For example, to send a request to version 1 of the /merchants endpoint of the Management API, use:

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