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Get started

Use checklists to get started with in-person payments at your point of sale.

To get started with Adyen, the general steps are the same for online payments, in-person payments, platforms, and plugins:

  1. Get a test account.
  2. Build your integration.
  3. Apply for your live account.
  4. Sign the contract and get your live account.
  5. Get ready to accept live payments.

On these pages we provide checklists to help you with building your point-of-sale integration and getting ready to accept live in-person payments. The checklists link to resources with detailed information about the building blocks of your point-of-sale integration:

  • Structure and configuration of your Adyen account.
  • Payment terminal models for your use cases.
  • Integration architecture: communicating with the terminals through the cloud or through your local network.
  • Network and connectivity configuration.
  • Terminal API.
  • Notification webhooks.

Integration checklist

These checklists guide you through the process of either building the integration between your POS system and Adyen, or setting up a solution with standalone Adyen payment terminals.

Go-live checklist

Use these checklists to make sure that everything is correctly set up before accepting live in-person payments: