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Managing terminals

Order, inspect, assign, and board payment terminals.

Managing your payment terminals includes the following actions:

  • Order or return terminals: When you have selected a terminal, you order it for your test or live account. If necessary, you can replace or return terminals.
  • Terminal security inspection: To be sure the terminal hasn't been tampered with, you need to inspect it when you receive it, and every week while in use. You also need to be aware of suspicious activity near your terminals.
  • Board the terminal: To make a terminal ready to accept payments, you assign it to your store using your Customer Area, and then board the physical terminal.

    • Assign terminals in bulk: If you have many terminals, you may want to use API calls to automate assigning terminals. You'll still need to board each terminal individually.

  • Retrieve connected terminals: If your integration uses cloud communications, you may want to retrieve a list of terminals that are powered on and connected.

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