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Show an image on the terminal

Engage your shoppers by showing an ad or other image on the display of the payment terminal.

You can show an image on the display of the payment terminal, for example an advertisement, or a special offer that is generated by your POS app. By showing an image, you can use your terminal to increase shopper loyalty, or for marketing purposes.

The image can be a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP file that you convert to Base64.

The terminal shows the image during the time you set in the request. If you don't set a time-out, the image continues to be shown until you send another request. For example, a payment request, a request for a different image, or a request to show the standby screen.

The following illustrations show an image on a portrait, small portrait (e285p), and landscape display.


The terminal never runs or stores an image that it receives. The terminal only decodes the image, to be able to show it on the display.

Make a display request for an image

  1. Convert a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP image file to Base64.

  2. Make a POST request to a Terminal API endpoint, specifying:

    • MessageHeader: the standard SaleToPOIRequest.MessageHeader object. Specify:

      Parameter Required Description
      ProtocolVersion -white_check_mark- 3.0
      MessageClass -white_check_mark- Device
      MessageCategory -white_check_mark- Display
      MessageType -white_check_mark- Request
      ServiceID -white_check_mark- Your unique ID for this request, consisting of 1-10 alphanumeric characters. Must be unique within the last 48 hours for the terminal (POIID) being used.
      SaleID -white_check_mark- Your unique ID for the POS system component to send this request from.
      POIID -white_check_mark- The unique ID of the terminal to send this request to. Format: [device model]-[serial number].
    • DisplayRequest.DisplayOutput : an array with one array item containing:

      Parameter Description
      Device CustomerDisplay
      InfoQualify Display
      MinimumDisplayTime The number of seconds that the image is shown.
      If you omit this parameter, the terminal shows the image until you send another request, for example, a request to show the standby screen.
      OutputContent.OutputFormat MessageRef
      OutputContent.PredefinedContent.ReferenceID Image
      OutputContent.OutputText An array with a Text parameter containing the image as a Base64-encoded string.

    If an error occurs while decoding the image, the image won't be shown.
    If the request is successful, you receive a display response with:

    • OutputResult.Response.Result: Success

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