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Board the terminal

Register your payment terminal with Adyen.

Boarding associates the terminal with a store and makes it ready to accept payments. There are two steps:

  1. Assign the terminal in your Customer Area.
    When we ship the terminals you ordered, we add them to the Inventory of your company account. From there, you can assign the terminals to the stores where they will be used. In some cases it is possible to skip this step.

    If you have many terminals, you may want to use our Terminal Management API to automate assigning terminals.

  2. Board the physical terminal.

Step 1: Assign the terminal to a store

Assigning is required for terminals that use a one-time password, because this password is generated only after the terminal is assigned to a store. To find out whether the terminal uses a password, on the terminal select Board the terminal and see if the terminal asks for a 6-digit password.

Assigning is also required for any terminal that was already associated with a store and that you now want to use in a different store.

Depending on your settings, you can skip assigning and go straight to Step 2. You then need to assign the terminal to a store during the boarding process on the terminal. However, if you have multiple terminals for the same store, it is easier to assign them all in one go.

To assign the terminal:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area:
    • For a live terminal, go to your live Customer Area.
    • For a test terminal (your terminal's home screen says "Test") go to your test Customer Area.
  2. Go to Point of sale > Terminals and select the Inventory tab.
  3. Search for the terminal by serial number.

    The terminal serial number is shown:

    • On the underside of the terminal. Example: S/N:123-456-789.
    • On the second line of the terminal info screen (press 5 and then ). Example: V400m-123456789.
  4. Select the terminal, either by selecting its check box or by clicking on the row for the terminal. Use the check boxes if you are assigning multiple terminals to the same store.
  5. Select Reassign.
  6. If a Terminal reassignment message appears, select Got it.
    The message explains that if you are reassigning a terminal that is boarded already, the terminal won't "know" it has been reassigned until it synchronizes with the Adyen platform. This synchronization happens every three hours on average.
  7. In the Reassign terminal to dialog, select Store and then Next.

    Note that the Inventory option lets you reassign a terminal from a store back to the inventory.

  8. In the Choose store dialog, start typing the store code, city, or street name. A list of matching stores appears.
  9. Select the store from the list, then select Next.
  10. In the Confirm reassign dialog, select Next.

The next step is to confirm the assignment by doing the boarding steps on the terminal.

Step 2: Board your terminal

  1. Switch on the terminal. During startup, the display turns on and off a few times.
  2. If the display shows Configure network, connect the terminal to the internet.
  3. On the terminal, select Board the terminal.
  4. Follow the instructions for your situation:

    Situation Instructions
    The Board the terminal button doesn't show. The terminal is boarded already. If you recently reassigned the terminal to a different store, wait until the next synchronization with the Adyen platform (on average every three hours) and try again.
    The display shows a list of stores.
    1. Find your store; you can Search by city and/or scroll the list.
    2. Select your store.
    3. Select Confirm.
    The display shows one store. Select Confirm to accept the store that the terminal was assigned to.

    If this is not the correct store, reassign the terminal in the Customer Area and try again.

    The display asks for a password.

    If you didn't assign the terminal:

    1. Cancel the boarding.
    2. Assign the terminal to a store.
    3. Board the terminal.
    4. Follow the instructions below to find and enter the password.

    If you assigned the terminal, find and enter the password:

    1. In your Customer Area, navigate to Point of sale > Terminals.
    2. Search for the terminal by serial number.
    3. Click on the row of your terminal to open the detail page, and find the password in the One time password field.
    4. On the terminal keypad, enter the password.

The terminal reboots one or more times. Your terminal is now boarded and ready to process payments!

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