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Automate the management of your terminals

Use APIs to order, assign, and configure payment terminals.

In your Customer Area, you can manually order, assign, and configure terminals, and schedule actions like installing Android apps. However, doing this manually can be too time-consuming or impractical.

To automate the management of terminals you can make API requests. Our APIs let you order, assign, and configure terminals. Then, when the configured terminal is delivered to the store that it is assigned to, store staff only need to board the terminal. You can also schedule terminal actions through API.

API key and roles

Using Management API, you can order and configure terminals and schedule terminal actions.
Using POS Terminal Management API, you can assign terminals.

To authenticate your requests to these APIs, you need an API credential. This API credential must have an API key.

If you are using a Terminal API integration with cloud-based communications, you can use the existing API key that you use for Terminal API requests.

Your API credential must also have specific roles, depending on what you want to do.

Task Roles
Order terminals Management API—Terminal ordering read
Management API—Terminal ordering read and write
Assign terminals POS Terminal Management API
Configure terminals Management API—Terminal settings read
Management API—Terminal settings read and write
Management API—Terminal settings Advanced read and write
Schedule terminal actions Management API—Terminal actions read
Management API—Terminal actions read and write

What do you want to do?