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Manage your terminal fleet

Order, inspect, assign, and board payment terminals.

Managing your payment terminals includes the following actions:

  • Order or return terminals. When you have selected a terminal, you order it for your test or live account. If necessary, you can replace or return terminals.
  • Assign terminals. Before you can board a terminal, it needs to be assigned to a store.
  • Do a security inspection. To be sure the terminal hasn't been tampered with, you need to inspect it when you receive it, and every week while in use. You also need to be aware of suspicious activity near your terminals.
  • Board the terminal. This makes a terminal ready to accept payments in your store.
  • Customize your terminals and receipts. You can update language settings, add your company logo, and change various receipt options.
  • When using battery-powered terminals, learn how to manage battery power.
  • Maintain performance. Understand the importance of automatic maintenance calls and reboots for keeping your terminals up to date.
  • Use the menus on the terminal. Use terminal menus to manage passcodes, change options related to payments and options related to configuration.

The POS Terminal fleet Scheduled report contains information about your terminals that can help you manage them.

It is also possible to order, assign, and configure terminals by making API requests.

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