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Inspect device security - VX680

Adyen makes use of secure, certified payment terminals. The integrity of these devices is crucial, because they process sensitive card data. Inspect the device to ensure it is secure.

Ensure that your staff: 

  • Verify the device looks like the pictures in this manual.

  • Verify the Adyen logo or your company logo shows up  after turning on the terminal.

  • Do not use the device if it is damaged or covered with a sticker.

  • Verify the identity of any third-party persons claiming to  be repair or maintenance personnel, before granting them  access to modify or troubleshoot devices.

  • Check the device for cameras and skimming equipment regularly.

  • Do not install, replace, or return devices without verification.

  • Is aware of suspicious behavior around devices (for  example, attempts by unknown persons to unplug or  open devices).

  • Report suspicious behavior and indications of device  tampering or substitution to appropriate personnel (for example, to a manager or security officer).

  • Do not see customers' PINs when they enter this on a handheld device without a privacy shield.

Perform visual device integrity inspections on a weekly basis. When in doubt, stop using the device and contact Adyen.