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Enhanced scheme data

Get lower fees on US domestic card payments with enhanced scheme data.

Enhanced scheme data (ESD) is optional additional data that you can send with your payment or capture request. ESD lets shoppers see additional information about their purchase on their card statement and use this information for reporting purposes. ESD can lower your interchange fees by up to 1 percent for US domestic Visa and Mastercard transactions. You can also send ESD to American Express for fraud protection and reporting, but there is no financial incentive for this.

You can send ESD for both online and in-person payments. Sending ESD does not affect authorization rates.

Choose the correct kind of ESD to send. Different types of ESD cannot be combined, for example you can send either level 2/3 data or airline data, but not both for one request.

Visa and Mastercard

American Express

See ESD for American Express to check which fields to send.

How to send ESD

There are two ways to send ESD to Adyen:

  • In the  additionalData  object of a  /payments request. If you are not eligible to submit ESD, or if the ESD you send is incomplete or invalid, Adyen processes the payment without ESD.
  • In the  additionalData  object of a /capture request. You can only send ESD in your capture request if you do not use automatic capture. For partial captures, send enhanced scheme data in the captures request. If you send incomplete or invalid data in a capture request, it will be rejected. You can fix and resend the capture request.

To see the additional data in your response, make sure that you enable the additional data settings in your Customer Area under Developers > Additional data. Contact our Support Team if you need to check whether the ESD you send is complete and valid.