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Multibanco Drop-in integration

Add Multibanco to an existing Drop-in integration.

Our Web Drop-in renders Multibanco in your payment form, and presents the voucher.

Before you begin

This page explains how to add Multibanco to your existing Web Drop-in integration. The Web Drop-in integration works the same way for all payment methods. If you haven't done this integration yet, refer to our Drop-in integration guide.

Before starting your Multibanco integration:

  1. Make sure that you have set up your back end implementation, and added Drop-in to your payments form.
  2. Add Multibanco in your test Customer Area.

Show Multibanco in your payment form

Drop-in uses the countryCode and the amount.currency from your /paymentMethods request to show the available payment methods to your shopper.

To show Multibanco in your payment form, you need to specify in your /paymentMethods request the following combination of countryCode and amount.currency:

Country countryCode currency
Portugal PT EUR

Make a payment

When the shopper selects the Pay button, Drop-in calls the onSubmit event, which contains a

  1. Pass the to your server.

  2. From your server, make a /payments request, specifying:
    • paymentMethod: The from the onSubmit event from your front end.

The following code sample is a /payments request for a Multibanco payment.

    "amount": {
        "currency": "EUR",
        "value": 1000
    "reference": "YOUR_ORDER_NUMBER",
    "paymentMethod": {
        "type": "multibanco"
    "countryCode": "PT",
    "merchantAccount": "TestMerchant"

You receive a response containing:

  • expiresAt: The expiry date of the voucher. The shopper needs to make their payment before this date and time.
  • reference: The Multibanco reference that the shopper needs to make the payment.

    "resultCode": "PresentToShopper",
    "action": {
        "expiresAt": "2019-09-28T12:54:17",
        "initialAmount": {
            "currency": "EUR",
            "value": 1000
        "merchantName": "YOUR_MERCHANT_NAME",
        "merchantReference": "YOUR_ORDER_NUMBER",
        "paymentMethodType": "multibanco",
        "reference": "MULTIBANCO_REFERENCE",
        "totalAmount": {
            "currency": "EUR",
            "value": 1000
        "type": "voucher"
  1. Pass the action object to your front end. Drop-in needs the action object to present the voucher.

Present voucher

Make sure to handle the action object in the /payments response using handleAction to present the voucher to the shopper.

Present the payment result

Use the resultCode that you received in response to your /payments call to present the payment result to your shopper. You will also receive a webhook notification informing you of the status of the payment. The resultCode value you can receive for Multibanco is:

resultCode Description Action to take
PresentToShopper Present the voucher to the shopper. Inform the shopper that you've received their order, and are waiting for the payment to be completed.
When the shopper has completed the payment you will receive a successful AUTHORISATION notification.
Received Result code sent when it takes some time before the final outcome of the payment is known Inform the shopper that you've received their order, and are waiting for the payment to clear.

Present shopper email

You can change the text and customize the look of the email to suit your business needs. To do so:

  1. In Customer Area, go to Account > Skins.
  2. Select the relevant skin and go to Extra options > Edit language files.

In the list of key entries, you can find the following:

  • pmDetailEmailReminder.multibanco.from_address:
  • pmDetailEmailReminder.multibanco.subject: The subject of the email sent to the shopper.
  • pmDetailEmailReminder.multibanco.title: The title of the email sent to the shopper.
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.instructions: The instructions the shopper needs to follow to carry out the payment.
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.reference: The payment reference needed to make the payment.
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.entity: The number representing the relevant acquiring bank.
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.amount: The amount that the shopper needs to pay.
  • comprafacil.multibanco.result.deadline: The deadline by which the shopper needs to pay.

These fields correspond to different sentences of the email that the shopper receives. You can override the Adyen default for these sentences. To do so, enter your sentences in the blank Merchant default field. Make sure to save your changes.

Test and go live

To test Multibanco payments before going live, contact the Support Team.

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