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Oney Drop-in integration

Add Oney to an existing Drop-in integration.

On this page, you can find additional configuration for adding Oney to your Drop-in integration.

When making a Oney payment request:

  1. Collect shopper details and include them in the request.
  2. Provide information about the purchased items by specifying lineItems.
  3. Make sure that the payment is authorised and successfully captured before you ship the goods.

Before you begin

This page assumes you have already:

API reference

Select which endpoint you're integrating:

This is the default with Drop-in v5.0.0 or later.

Parameter name Required Description
lineItems -white_check_mark- Price and product information about the purchased items. Oney will only approve the payment if the total amount specified in lineItems matches the amount.value.
shopperEmail -white_check_mark- The shopper's email address. This is where Oney will send the payment instructions.
shopperReference -white_check_mark- A unique reference to identify the shopper. Minimum length: three characters.
shopperName -white_check_mark- The shopper's first and last name (required). Maximum length: 32 characters. You can optionally include gender, if specified.
telephoneNumber -white_check_mark- The shopper's mobile telephone number, using an international number format.
  • France: +336 or +337 followed by eight digits
  • Spain: +346 or +347 followed by eight digits
billingAddress -white_check_mark- The postal address of the shopper.
billingAddress.postalCode must have five characters.
deliveryAddress The postal address where the purchased goods should be delivered. If not provided, this is the same as the billing address.
deliveryAddress.postalCode must have five characters.
dateOfBirth The shopper's date of birth, if specified. The format must be YYYY-MM-DD.
shopperLocale A combination of language code and country code to specify the language used in your checkout.
  • France: fr_FR
  • Spain: es_ES
countryCode The shopper's country.
  • France: FR
  • Spain: ES
additionalData.oneydata.merchantPays Optional field to override the default configuration. When we set up Oney for your merchant account, we also configure who pays the interest fees.
  • true: You pay the interest fees of the shopper.
  • false: The shopper pays the interest fees.
curl \
-H "x-API-key: YOUR_X-API-KEY" \
-H "content-type: application/json" \
-d '{
      "value": 15000
   "telephoneNumber": "+33 1 76 35 07 90",
      "gender": "UNKNOWN",
      "street":"461 Rue du Centenaire"
      "street":"461 Rue du Centenaire"
         "description":"Test item 1",
         "description":"Test item 2",
Client client = new Client("Your X-API-KEY", Environment.TEST);
Checkout checkout = new Checkout(client);

CreateCheckoutSessionRequest sessionRequest = new CreateCheckoutSessionRequest();

Amount amount = new Amount();

sessionRequest.setTelephoneNumber("+33 1 76 35 07 90");

Name shopperName = new Name();


Address billingAddress = new Address();
billingAddress.setStreet("461 Rue du Centenaire");

Address deliveryAddress = new Address();
deliveryAddress.setStreet("461 Rue du Centenaire");


LineItem lineItem1 = new LineItem();
lineItem1.setDescription("Test item 1");

LineItem lineItem2 = new LineItem();
lineItem2.setDescription("Test item 2");

List<LineItem> lineItems = new ArrayList<LineItem>();

CreateCheckoutSessionResponse sessionResponse = checkout.sessions(sessionRequest);
var checkoutSessionRequest = new CreateCheckoutSessionRequest
    MerchantAccount = "YOUR_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT",
    Reference = "YOUR_ORDER_REFERENCE",
    Amount = {
    Currency = "EUR",
    Value = 15000
    ShopperLocale = "fr_FR",
    CountryCode = "FR",
    TelephoneNumber = "+33 1 76 35 07 90",
    ShopperEmail = "",
    ShopperName = {
    FirstName = "Testperson-fr",
    LastName = "Approved"
    ShopperReference = "YOUR_UNIQUE_SHOPPER_ID",
    BillingAddress = {
    City = "UGINE",
    Country = "FR",
    HouseNumberOrName = "0",
    PostalCode = "73400",
    Street = "461 Rue du Centenaire"
    DeliveryAddress = {
    City = "UGINE",
    Country = "FR",
    HouseNumberOrName = "0",
    PostalCode = "73400",
    Street = "461 Rue du Centenaire"
    ReturnUrl = "",
    LineItems = new List<LineItem> {
        new LineItem {
            Quantity = 1,
            AmountExcludingTax = 5000,
            TaxPercentage = 0,
            Description = "Test item 1",
            Id = "item1",
            TaxAmount = 0,
            AmountIncludingTax = 5000
        new LineItem 
          Quantity = 1,
            AmountExcludingTax = 10000,
            TaxPercentage = 0,
            Description = "Test item 2",
            Id = "item2",
            TaxAmount = 0,
            AmountIncludingTax = 10000
var client = new Client("YOUR_X-API-KEY", Adyen.Model.Enum.Environment.Test);
var checkout = new Checkout(client);
var createCheckoutSessionResponse = checkout.Sessions(checkoutSessionRequest);

Drop-in configuration

Optional configuration

You can add the following optional configuration to configure the visibility of the shopper input fields for Oney :

Parameter name Description Default
personalDetails Shopper full name, gender, date of birth, phone number, and email address. editable
billingAddress The address where to send the invoice. editable
deliveryAddress The address where the purchased goods should be delivered. By default, the delivery address is the same as the billing address. When the shopper selects they want to specify a different address, the delivery address fields will appear. editable

You can set the visibility to hidden, readOnly or editable.

Although you can hide the fields from your payment form, you must still provide this information in your payment request.

If you want to add optional configuration, include this in a configuration object. The following example shows how to configure Drop-in to make the deliveryAddress field readOnly:

const oneyConfiguration = {
  personalDetails: editable, // Optional. These fields will appear on the payment form,
                            // and the shopper can edit them.
                            // This is the default behavior.
  billingAddress: editable, // Optional. These fields will appear on the payment form,
                            // and the shopper can edit them.
                            // This is the default behavior.
  deliveryAddress: readOnly // Optional. These fields will appear on the payment form,
                            // but the shopper can't edit them.

If you created an oneyConfiguration object, include this when creating a configuration object:

AdyenCheckout configuration
const configuration = {
  // ...  other required configuration
  paymentMethodsConfiguration: {
    facilypay_3x: oneyConfiguration
    facilypay_4x: oneyConfiguration

If you want to include optional configuration, add the configuration object for each Oney installment type that you support.

Number of installments Payment method type Supported county
3 facilypay_3x France (FR) and Spain (ES)
4 facilypay_4x France (FR) and Spain (ES)
6 facilypay_6x Spain (ES)
10 facilypay_10x France (FR) and Spain (ES)
12 facilypay_12x France (FR) and Spain (ES)

Capture the payment

Make sure that the payment is captured successfully before you ship the goods.

Depending on your capture settings, Oney payments are captured manually or automatically, with or without a delay.

If a payment is captured after more than six days, the payment authorization expires and the payment must be authorised again.

Refund the payment

If a Oney payment has not yet been captured, you can cancel it.

If the payment has already been captured and you want to return the funds to the shopper, you need to refund it.

You can refund payments until 13 months after they have been captured.

Partial refunds

To partially refund a Oney payment, specify in your call to the /payments/paymentPspReference/refunds endpoint:

  • modificationAmount: The amount to be refunded to the shopper.

You will receive a /payments/paymentPspReference/refunds response containing a pspReference associated with this request. Once we have processed your request, you will also receive a REFUND webhook. For more information, refer to Refund.

Test and go live

Before accepting live Oney payments, test your integration using the following test details:


Test card number Expiry date CVV
4970 1015 1882 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1030 6015 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1027 3124 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1022 9571 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1093 1788 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1017 0783 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1090 7275 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.
4970 1084 5160 0000 Any date within 3 years from now. Any value.

You can test different responses by changing the amount to be paid:

  • Authorised: between EUR 150.00 and EUR 999.99
  • Pending: between EUR 1000.00 and EUR 1499.99
  • Refused: between EUR 1500.00 and EUR 2000.00

To test different responses when making payments in 10 or 12 installments, you need to include the following:

  • Authorised:

    • Shopper email:
    • Under Complétez vos informations, include:
      • Vos revenus: 3500€
      • Origine du revenu principal: Salarie
      • Vos charges: 500€
    • Under Signez votre contrat, include:
      • Phone number: use 0666000000 to bypass a digital signature, or a real phone number to receive the OTP SMS for digital signing.
  • Refused:

    • Shopper email:
    • In the Completez vos informations step, include:
      • Vos revenus: 1000€
      • Origine du revenu principal: Autres
      • Vos charges: 800€

To test the full Oney payment flow, contact Support Team.


Test card number Expiry date CVV
5436 0310 3060 6378 01/2099 257
5199 9923 1264 1465 01/2099 010
2223 0000 1047 9399 01/2099 299
4543 4740 0224 9996 01/2099 956

You can test the different responses by using the following information:

  • Authorised:
    • Shopper email:
    • Correct CVV
  • Refused:
    • Shopper email:
    • Incorrect CVV

Go live

Before you can accept live Oney payments, you need to submit a request for Oney 3x4x in your live Customer Area.

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