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Gift cards

Learn how to accept gift card payments.

Gift card providers

Learn about the gift cards we support:
Givex, Stored Value Solutions (SVS), and ValueLink.

Gift cards are also referred to as stored-value cards: They are payment cards with a monetary value that is stored on the card itself instead of in a bank account. They can be virtual cards or plastic cards. Some plastic gift cards can be reused by transferring money to it, others are disposable cards that can't be reloaded.

To accept gift cards, you need to complete an onboarding process with the gift card provider. Also, we need to configure your account.

You can process online and in-store payments for gift cards provided by Givex, SVS, and ValueLink. Support for other transactions, such as topping up and deactivating, may differ per provider and channel (web or point of sale).

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