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Express checkout

Let shoppers pay seamlessly with express payment methods.

You can implement express checkout to let your shoppers pay with express payment methods, without having to go to a separate checkout page.

More about express checkout

Read more about the types of express checkout and the benefits in our blog post.

Express checkout improves the shopper experience and benefits your business by:

  • Enabling one-click purchases from your product, cart, or basket pages.
  • Reducing the time and effort required from shoppers to complete a purchase.
  • Reducing cart abandonment by using stored payment details instead of navigating shoppers to a separate page to fill payment details.

Implementing express payment methods requires additional integration steps. Alternatively, you can reduce the time shoppers spend on your checkout page by using other solutions that enable faster checkout.

How it works

You display the option to use express checkout on your product, cart, or basket pages. When shoppers select the option to use express checkout, they pay with one of the supported express payment methods.

Express payment methods store shoppers' payment details, and the shopper does not have to enter details like billing address and phone number when they pay. After the payment, you get these details from the payment method to fulfill the order.

Supported express payment methods

The express payment methods available for your integration depend on your server-side flow.

Payment method Sessions flow Advanced flow
Apple Pay -white_check_mark-
Google Pay -white_check_mark-
PayPal -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-

Show express payment methods

You can offer the option to use express checkout by placing express payment method buttons in different places on your website or app.

Product details page

Allow shoppers to quickly buy a product without navigating to a separate checkout page. This may impact average transaction value.

Cart or basket page

Allow shoppers to quickly pay for their items without going to a separate checkout page.

Express checkout alternatives

There are other ways to offer faster checkout options to your shoppers:

Instant payment methods
Stored payment details
Click to Pay

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